Is Fiber Internet in Dallas Texas Needed?

Fiber Internet in Dallas Texas for My Business

Some common questions CEO’s start asking before getting Fiber Internet in Dallas Texas: Is fiber internet needed for my business? How many employees till I need Fiber internet in Dallas Texas? Does Fiber really mean better? Could it help my business get a competitive edge? In this blog let us answer all of these questions and more.


When it comes to internet speed we all want the fastest and more reliable choice. Fiber Internet for your business not only provides faster results but capabilities that are continuing to grow. The bandwidth of an Ethernet cable cannot withstand the power that Fiber brings with it being measured in gigabits of data per second or faster. When it comes to overall speed Fiber wins hands down. This type of speed allows for employees to work in a different cloud-based software faster and with reliability. The factor of how fast is my internet is always the question people want to know. Fiber provides that option.

Distance work

When you are thinking about how I can have my employees work while not being compromising, use Fiber Internet. When it comes to transmitting information over great distances Fiber Internet beats Ethernet by a long shot. Copper cable can travel about 300 ft., while Fiber can travel over 25 miles. This makes it easier while having a large building with different people using the same internet. It also allows for people who live close to their companies to work from home and do a telecommute day. This allows for productivity throughout the company to remain consistent.

Competitive Edge

Companies with Fiber Internet will have a competitive edge for sure. To answer so of the original answers above, it allows for great consistency. Fiber Internet in Dallas Texas is a must for allowing for unwanted interruptions like Ethernet would. When you have 10 or more employees using the internet and needing it for multi-use projects Fiber is the way to go. Some companies have done tests to show you can save up to one week per year on productivity while using Fiber. This is a huge competitive edge against your competitors.

To conclude when Fiber Internet in Dallas Texas for your business is 100% needed. Since 2019, there is about 25% of all internet users in the US are provided by Fiber and growing. In our first blog, you can get some more ideas of the full scope of what makes Fiber internet better in a more in-depth manner. Here at FiberFed, we have great Fiber Internet in Dallas Texas for all of your needs as a company.

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