MPLS In Dallas Texas (and beyond)

The simplest way to explain Multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) in Dallas Texas is that it’s a way to connect multiple locations of your business together seamlessly. MPLS in Dallas Texas is a way to ensure reliable connections for real-time applications. MPLS services provide a customizable, secure, and robust way to combine business applications and locations on one private network. It bridges the gap between your multiple locations and FIBERFED makes the telecommunication side seamless.

Basic Understanding

To give you a little more understanding, MPLS routes traffic throughout a telecommunications network or travels from one Telecom network to the next. MPLS in Dallas Texas is a routed or switched network overlay that spans across all of our network partners. FIBERFED MPLS can provide applications including VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), traffic engineering (TE) and Quality of Service (QoS).

In previous circuit-switched telecom networks, physical wires and T1 lines carried data and voice traffic that provided predictable routes. This was a very expensive and hard to scale process because of the need to put in widespread infrastructure. The old way of doing things does not work for the optimal ability of your company. So let’s dive into why we think MPLS in Dallas Texas is super beneficial for you.

Benefits of MPLS in Dallas Texas

MPLS in Dallas Texas has many types of connection mediums, allowing your MPLS cloud to have all your different locations connect. This really helps when your different locations do not have the same ability. MPLS connectivity has become synonymous with Fiber Optic Metro Ethernet, as this is the most robust and available carrier-grade.

MPLS circuits are designed for 99.99% uptime. Its circuits in Dallas also provide symmetrical bandwidth rates, allowing to have equal amounts of speed from other locations within your organization and the Internet. This means you can download from the Internet as fast as the Internet can download from you. This is especially helpful when you host applications to your mobile workforce or website visitors. These two aforementioned characteristics are the two main differentiators of SDWAN. Though SDWAN is all the rage as an alternative to MPLS, use SDWAN if these 2 characteristics aren’t of utmost importance.

Along with design for uptime and symmetrical speed, QoS is a central tenant. Service providers and enterprises can use MPLS to implement QoS by defining LSPs that can meet specific service-level agreements (SLAs) on traffic latency, jitter, packet loss, and downtime. For example, a network might have three service levels that prioritize different types of traffic — e.g., one level for voice, one level for time-sensitive traffic and one level for best-effort traffic.

Other benefits of MPLS in Dallas Texas include the following:

  • Data and voice apps run on the same MPLS network.
  • Different types of data can be pre-programmed with different priorities.
  • Organizations can assign different percentages of their bandwidth to various types of data.
  • MPLS networks are scalable. Companies only have to provision and pay for the bandwidth they need until their requirements change.

In conclusion, MPLS in Dallas Texas provides customers and enterprises that use it, with more control, better QoS, interface independence and the ability to have a world-class communications network, having one less business tool to worry about.

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