Fiber Internet in Dallas Texas & The Major Benefits for Your Business Communications

Fiber Internet in Dallas Texas

Fiber Internet in Dallas Texas is something that many have heard of and want. Though there is plenty of Dedicated Fiber Internet available in Dallas, it isn’t easy to find.  Fiber has less coverage nationwide but is growing as it provides a much stronger Internet connection. While fiber-optic internet is a much newer source of technology than copper cables, it has become more popular. Tons of businesses around the nation have seen fantastic results while using fiber.

As the decision-maker of your company’s communications, it’s your responsibility to properly choose the service provider for Dedicated Fiber Internet in Dallas Texas. Or where ever you manage your business. You will want to focus on a few different areas. You want to look at reliability, Service Level Agreements (SLA), customer service, speed, cost, and cloud access. Let’s look into each of these to show you why Fiber Internet is better for the company you own or work for.

Fiber Reliability

Do you have a VOIP service of many phone lines? Then you know how important reliability is. When looking into the Dedicated Fiber Internet in Dallas Texas, you want to consider what will be the best medium for all the different seasons. Fiber Internet is not affected by rainstorms or lightning. Although, it affects T1 and DSL internet. If you live in an area that frequents thunderstorms Internet from cable companies will need backup resources. This will allow the internet to run under those conditions. One reason why is Fiber’s internet in Dallas Texas does not conduct electricity as it is made of glass. Another reason is the signal can travel much farther without needing electricity to regenerate the signal. Thus, having a Dedicated Fiber Internet in Dallas Texas allows for more dependable service.

Fiber Speed

Fiber providers in Dallas, TX come in two forms. Residential and small business broadband subscriptions like Fios and Google Fiber, which are much better than DSL and cable, but are shared Broadband networks and NOT Dedicated. Second, are the Dedicated Internet circuits that come with a 99.99% uptime guarantee and provide a Committed Information Rate of 1 or 10 gigabits. The Cable provides a decent network ranges from 10 to 900 megabits per second. This translates to a home or small business subscription-like shared fiber above. Fiber can be accessed by multiple people at the same time and not be slowed down. This provides businesses with the speed and reliability they want.

Fiber Cost

Dedicated Fiber does cost more and isn’t for every business or apartment building.  With video conferences instead of road travel and VOIP instead of landlines, we are depending on our Internet providers to give us more. Fiber is the new way to look at the internet and how it is befitting so many companies. Over time fiber is cheaper because the reliability and market growth drives down cost. There is not a ton of changing hardware because it is more durable. Another item is if your IT or company wants to change to cloud-based services, there is another reason you need 99.99% uptime.

Fiber Cloud abilities

Almost 95% of companies are using some type of cloud-based storage. One of the biggest things to consider is storing data from your Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Having a faster speed and bandwidth will allow for your team to have faster access to these items. If you are a company that at all speaks to clients daily then having dedicated fiber is a sure way to give a better-optimized internet. Fiber optic internet is becoming needed and more crucial for businesses.

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