Fiber vs DSL, which is better?

Understand what Fiber and DSL is


The Internet is an opportunist. It wants to be able to find any way to work for people. The two we are going to talk about is fiber vs DSL. The first one we are going to talk about is DSL. DSL stands for “Direct Subscriber Line.” DSL transmits an internet signal through regular phone lines, but it’s not the same as the noisy, dial-up system you may be thinking of.  DSL separates Internet frequencies from your telephone, enabling users to be online and use the phone at the same time. Now, telecommunication companies can deliver high-speed internet and TV service over a phone line. This infrastructure is still used today even being older.


Fiber-optic Internet is currently one of the most advanced Internet services available in the United States. Instead of using copper cables to transmit data, fiber-optic cables are made up of ultra-thin glass or plastic strands that carry light instead of electricity. Fiber internet is the new way of transmitting internet speed because of its capabilities. It is the fastest and most reliable option by far in the internet space.

Fiber vs. DSL pros and cons

When it comes to Fiber vs. DSL let us dive in and see what is best.

First off, Fiber gets a point for speed. Most people are looking for speed. Fiber is the faster option. Fiber has a longer reach of its capabilities. It has faster upload and download speeds to make it easier for the user. Fiber also is better because of bandwidth. It is only pulled from one area unlike DSL being pulled from your neighbors and others that are using it. This is because DSL does not technically have its own dedicated line like fiber. Lastly, Fiber wins the fact that its reliability is better. During stores, phone lines can knock down and disrupt your internet. Fiber is specialized to be great in terrible storms.

DSL has the advantage of being more widely available. Fiber only has about 25% reach which limits the place you can get fiber. The other item DSL has an advantage in is the price. DSL will have a lower price. This is what you get is what you pay for deal.


Looking over the options above you can see that Fiber has a clear win. This debate fiber vs DSL can be easily determined. Fiber internet is available is the only choice. Here at FiberFed we have experts in the field who can talk to you about which to choose for you. We love helping potential customers/clients by answering their questions about Fiber.

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